Insect Strip

Insect Strip

Friday, April 25, 2014

Transform WG Insecticide Receives Section 18 Label for Sugarcane Aphid in Texas

Dale Scott, Coordinator for Pesticide Product Evaluation and Registration with the Texas Department of Agriculture, has announced that Sulfoxaflor (Transform© WG) has been authorized by EPA for use to control sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum. This Section 18 Emergency Exemption  is effective from April 24, 2014 to October 31, 2014. All documents (EPA authorization letter and Transform© label) is available on the TDA  website ( One change in the label is that the pre-harvest interval is 14 days from the last application.

Hopefully, those of us in the Northern Rolling Plains, Southern High Plains, and the Texas Panhandle will never have to deal with the sugarcane aphid. The attached map shows those counties where the aphid was detected last year. There could be some expansion of the aphid this growing season, but we do not know if the aphid will make it to our area. We will need to on the lookout in case it arrives. What we do know is the entomologists in the Texas Gulf Coast has reported the aphid successfully overwintered there.

The sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sp., was detected in 38 counties and parishes of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi in 2013.

Our appreciation goes out to Dale Scott for working with EPA to get this emergency Section 18 exemption for Transform©. The grain sorghum producers that already have the sugarcane aphid  are extremely glad to have this product and we will be too, if this unwanted pest makes it our way.  

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Texas Panhandle Scout School

Come join us for our first Texas Panhandle Scout School. The training is open to anyone interested in learning about scouting and identifying insect pests of corn, grain sorghum, and cotton. And, how to distinguish differences between pest damage, herbicide injury, fertilizer deficiencies, and disease symptoms.  The school should benefit any agricultural related worker wanting a refresher or those needing to learn more about scouting. The Scout School will be May 9, 2014 at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center located at 6500 Amarillo Blvd., West, Amarillo, TX.

Registration begins at 12:45 pm and sessions will start at 1:00 pm and end at 5:00 pm. Dr. Jourdan Bell will provide training for weed identification, herbicide injury, and fertilizer deficiency symptoms. Dr. Ed Bynum and Mr. Blayne Reed will cover insect scouting, pest identification, and damage symptoms. Dr. Ron French will cover plant diseases and disease symptoms. A TDA worker protection safety DVD will be shown for agricultural workers needing a pesticide handling green card. 

Three CEU’s will also be offered. A $10 fee per individual attending will be payable at the door.

Please contact Ronda Fisher at (806) 677-5600 or by e-mail ( to RSVP and to request any special needs by May 7.